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Meet Sherryn

Tea with Friends in Howard County

Sherryn has been writing for Best of Baltimore Blog since Fall of 2010. In between interviewing celebrities, covering events across the Baltimore area, and reviewing notable businesses, she’s the Web Editor for Nanny Magazine as well as a Marketing & Sales Specialist for Faso Foods.

Sherryn’s love for any and all thing’s Baltimore stems from her time in undergrad, when she was a student at Notre Dame of Maryland University. As a student, she used to visit the inner harbor, break open crabs with a small mallet with friends at Philips seafood, and watch the O’s in Camden Stadium. In short, writing for Best of Baltimore Blog only seemed like a perfect fit.

Aside from writing for Best of Baltimore Blog, in her free time she frequents thrift stores for vintage ensembles, reads books on wine & literature, and tracks down unique foodie spots across the DMV area.

Feel free to send her an e-mail at Sherryn (at) gmail.com if you want to say hello or if have an event in the area that needs to be covered.




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